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Last Few Weeks

Posted on October 25, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Stoke level 1 million

Well if you're not getting fired up about fall steelhead, you should be. Fish are in everywhere, with numbers varying river to river. On top of that, the recent rains over the last week and forecasted rains to continue until at least mid-next week should get even more fish moving in. The good news is that there should be a lot of fish around when the weather finally settles down. The not so great news is that god knows when the Catt will fish again. 

But we are making the best of it. Before the rain about a week ago, we were hitting nice fish mid-river. Then after we got it, we found them in all the contingent rivers as well. Then to add to it is that it's looking like the some of the size we were seeing last spring carried over to the fall. Though we haven't found any true giants, others have sent me some legit reports and pics of fish in the twelve-pound and better class. To see that quality this early is really exciting for what we have in store as, though it can vary river to river, usually the best fish are found later in the run. At any rate, we're fired up and you should be too.

Tight lines and enjoy these other pics,

 - D

I've said it before, these fish live in beautiful places 

Jeff tending to a nice one

Matt also with a good one

Winner winner chicken dinner???

One from the big creek before she blew

Categories: Spey fishing, Steelhead